Atlanta, GA (March 5-9, 2017)

Review Criteria

CIES relies on a team of volunteer reviewers from across the Society to evaluate paper, panel, roundtable and poster session proposals.  (See the Call for Reviewers here.)  Proposals submitted to specific SIGs are reviewed by reviewers from that SIG.  The following five criteria and 4-point rating scales will be used for CIES 2017:

Criteria Rating Scale
1.       Objectives or purposes as related to comparative and international education, conference theme and/or SIG

Min: 1 (Weak/Not Relevant)

Max: 4 (Strong/Extremely Relevant)

2.       Perspective(s) or theoretical framework

Min: 1 (Not Articulated/Poorly Supported)

Max: 4 (Well Articulated/Strongly Supported)

3.       Research methods or modes of inquiry (including data sources, evidence, objects and/or materials)

Min: 1 (Undeveloped/Not Well Executed)

Max: 4 (Well Developed/Well Executed)

4.       Results and/or substantiated conclusions or warrants for arguments/point of view

Min: 1 (Ungrounded)

Max: 4 (Well Grounded)

5.       Scholarly significance, originality and/or creativity of the study or work

Min: 1 (Routine)

Max: 4 (Highly Original and Significant)

We have prepared the following video for reviewers.  It includes additional information and background on the CIES review process as well as some guidance and suggestions.